>IP 40 – IK 08 with door

> Type tested
busbar - conform to standard IEC 61439-3

>3 versions/8 sizes of board with 14 to 18 three-pole outgoing terminals.

>1 catalogue number = 1 COMPLETE, READY TO USE BOARD

  • Convivio distribution boards

Easy & time saving installation

>Special shape fixing holes allowing position adjustments during installation
Equipped with: 
- Neutral and Earth terminals
- DIN rail or fixing plate
for main MCB / MCCB
- Fully isolated (tin plated copper) busbar 
- Terminal shields
for main circuit breaker

  • 4 ways distribution board
  • Convivio cabinet equipped with DX³ MCBs
  • Convivio cabinet equipped with DRX 125 MCCB
  • Earth terminal block

High quality & reliable boards

> Coloured labels to identify each phase on the busbar and on the faceplate

>The faceplate is pre-cut according to the size of the main circuit breaker

> Main circuit breaker and distribution board identification label for optimum safety and standards compliance

  • Convivio distribution board equipped with DX³ MCBs
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