Reliable, precise protection

To comply with all requirements for protecting people and property, the new DPX³ MCCBs are available in 4 sizes, in thermal-magnetic versions from 16 to 1250 A and electronic versions from 40 to 1600 A.

  • DPX³ 250 thermal-magnetic MCCB
    with 100 A earth leakage model
  • Integrated measurement in DPX³ 250 electronic MCCBs

Integrated measurement on electronic DPX³

The new electronic DPX³ 250, 630 and 1600 MCCBs with integrated measurement functions provide access to the parameters of the installation in a compact unit.

The values measured can be viewed:

- Directly on the electrical panel, on the LCD on the front of the device

- Remotely from a PC or smartphone equipped with supervision software, via the RS485 communication interface and the Modbus protocol


The same depth from 16 to 250 A

With 2 new ratings (80 and 200 A), a wide selection of versions and characteristics, and innovative functions, Legrand has an even more comprehensive range with just two sizes of of circuit breaker.

  • DPX³ 16 A and 160 A MCCBs

Remote tripping for simplified operation:

The motorised controls for the DPX³  enable the devices to be tripped and reset remotely to provide a simple answer to operating requirements.

They come in two versions, one with a side handle and one with a front handle (front handle only for DPX³ 630 and 1600) . They take a wide range of DC and AC supply voltages.

  • DPX³ 16 A and 160 A MCCBs

Motorised supply inversion for continuous operation

The DPX³ interlocking device greatly simplifies the installation of a supply inverter:

- Front mounting

- Compact

- No adjustment necessary

- A DPX³ 160 and a DPX³ 250 can be used together

- Fixed version for rail mounting, enabling installation in small cabinets

- Just 2 catalogue numbers DPX³ 160 and 250, whatever the size: one for fixed versions, one for plug-in versions

- Combined with an automated control unit, supply inversion can be controlled locally or even remotely by supervision


DPX³ connection accessories

Connection plates, cage terminals, spreaders, rear terminals, etc.
The DPX³ range has all the accessories needed for upstream and downstream connection of the circuit breakers via cables or bars in all configurations.



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