Antimicrobial LED bedhead units

For medical establishments

Perfectly suitable for medical environments (hospital, clinics etc.)


Fluorescent T5 bedhead strips

Non equipped. Room lighting, reading light,
examination lighting. Available in 1.20m and 1.60m.


Trunking for gas sockets

Supplied in 3m lengths, adjustable. Takes medical gas sockets with supports. Possibility of 2 configurations :

Monobloc configuration

Separated fluids configuration


For non-medical establishements

Perfectly suitable for retirement homes, establishments providing a low level of medical eare and homes.

Led bedhead strips

Very low consumption LED lighting. Available with remote control for reading and with remote control for reading and room lighting. Alu material, grey, antimicrobial.

With dynamic lighting

Automatic management of the lighting colour depending on the time of day. Fitted with light level cell for automatic adjustment of the light intensity in accordance with the naural light level.

Fluorescent bedhead strips

Reading and room lighting with dimming. Fluorescent T5 tube room lighting with electronic ballast.


Pull cord switch

230V – 2A

Remote control module

Remote control module Box for controlling lighting or other SELV functions with hand-held.

Antimicrobial magnetic sockets

Sockets for hand-held. Magnetic connection between hand-held control remote and socket. Can be ejected in all directions with pull-out torque designed to avoid any damage to the equipment.

Mosaic nurse call units

Call units

Parts used for calling a nurse. Information report on door unit. Compatible with all Legrand nurse call systems.

Call unit for room

Used for calling a nurse, light and roller shutters control. Magnectic connexion between hand-held remote control and socket. White antimicrobial.

Ejectable call pull cord

Bathroom call pull cord. With red indicator for call confirmation and fitted with height-adjustable handle. Antimicrobial and waterproof.

Door unit

Designed for day hospitals, dialysis and transfusions centres, scanners etc. Used for calling a nurse and emergency calls. Fitted with long life LEDs. Antimicrobial.


Door units

Fitted with BUS/SCS system, permit call centralization, acknowledgement, communication with all elements of the system and signalling forwarded to all indicators.

Door unit with display

With alphanumerical display. For installation at the entrance of the room, can be seen from the bed. Used for calling a nurse and to display call from another room.

Interphone door unit

For installation at the entrance of the room and in the nurses' room. It permit to communicate from one room to another room issuing a call or with a nurse present and to broadcast general calls. Must be connected to a microphone.


Corridor signalling devices

Overdoor light

LEDs triangular overdoor light units for call signaling, bathroom calls and nurse presence.

Corridor display unit

Indication of calls and nurse presence by level of priority. 10-character alphanumerical display. For fixing in false ceiling or on the wall.


Motions sensors

180° switch sensor

Automatic switch 3 wire with infrared detection. For installation at a maximum of 30 cm from the ground in order to pick up the patient's movements once out of bed.

False ceiling detector switch

For installation in bathrooms. It allows the patient to get their bearings and make their way to the bathrooms.


Secure wandering device

Secure wandering device is a part of Mosaic nurse call unit program. It indicates that a door has been crossed by the resident wearing the device. Silmutaneous alarm transmission overdoor units and DECT.


Fitted with radio transmitter. White and anti-allergy. Permanent fixing.

Door controller

Coded keypad for capturing the ring's signal when a certain door has been crossed.

Magnetic opening detector.


Mosaic software

Traceability software

It memorises and categorises events by information type. Elements are exported as .cvl files which can be used on a PC. Works with traceability interface.

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