• 10'' touch screen

    House management systems

  • Centralised, local or remote management of all My Home automation functions via user-friendly and innovative control interfaces.

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  • Different kinds of control units
  • Transmitter keypad control unit


  • The security home automation functions are integrated totally in the My Home system.
    The intruder alarms and detection devices communicate with the alarm unit using the BUS/SCS.

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  • Video / Audio door entry system

    Access control

  • Used for welcoming visitors and to control access to the house with total security. Linked to the scenarios, they can for example control outside lighting for welcoming guests.

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  • 3.5" touch screen

    Energy saving

  • These allow the consumption of electricity, water and gas to be monitored on one single screen.

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  • Double Play unit

    Home Network

  • Make up your home systems to your own specifications to distribute phone, data, internet on RJ 45, and TV over coaxial cable throughout your home. This modular multimedia system fits in any DIN cabinet (easy plug).

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