• Enclosure with roof and base

Marina polyester enclosures

IP 66 and IK 10. RAL 7035. Reversible door with stainless steel hinges.
Dimensions 1460 x 800 x 463 to 1860 x 800 x 463 mm.
Marina enclosures have a 3-point closure with handle fitted with a
European 1/2 cylinder lock with 2433A key.
Supplied with fixing kit for full-size plate or sectional uprights, depth adjustment runner for equipment.
Equipment & accessories: base, roof, solid plates, Lina 12.5 and Lina 25 perforated, uprights, rails, lifting rings, assembly kit, document holder, window for door, etc.

  • Fixing on bracket with level adjustment crosspieces

Marina polyester cabinets

IP 66 and IK 10. RAL 7035.
Polyester cabinets 300 x 220 x 160 to 1220 x 810 x 300 mm.
They have:
- A grid on the rear of the door to help identify the positions and alignment of drill-holes
- Reversible door
Available with glass door and in non-stick version (anti-billposting and anti-graffiti).
Fixing: wall-mounting with lugs, rear mounting with threaded rod, floor-standing on bracket, mounted on a post.
Dedicated equipment and accessories: base, roof, joining kit, etc.

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