Performance of the Mosaic range

Quick installation

Almost all the products have automatic terminals which ensure safe connection.
The Mosaic Programme also has fast-connection installation systems for connection,
lighting or VDI.

Flexible, adaptable installations

For each configuration: false floors or false ceilings, the Mosaic programme has different equipment supports specially for mains voltage and information networks.

Easy to use, with a neat, attractive design

The Mosaic programme guarantees total compatibility between all the components
of the system and the same attractive design for the whole electrical installation.

Easy maintenance

The various equipment supports (columns, trunking, floor boxes, etc.) make on-site work and maintenance easy: preparation in the workshop for installation at the last moment, easy access to cables and functions.

Environmentally-friendly products

The life cycles of all the Mosaic Programme solutions have been analysed in order
to reduce their environmental impact, from manufacturing right through to end-of-life treatment. The results of these analyses are given in the PEPs (Product Environmental Profiles). This symbol will help you identify the products that actively contribute towards optimising energy use in buildings.


For indivudual work areas

Bring access to mains voltage, ELV and controls within easy reach for individual work areas : assigned offices, call centres, flexible office spaces, etc.

For shared work areas

Innovative solutions for total control of lighting, audio and video equipment, access to data networks for meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, etc.

For passageways

Solutions using self-contained units and products integrated in the building, for access to mains voltage and ELV, or providing marking and automatic lighting functions in intermediate areas, corridors, coffee areas, etc.


For reception areas

Simple, easy-to-use functions: lighting controls, access control, information feedback, security, etc. for enhancing reception areas, secretarial offices, information points, etc.

For medical areas

Functions that are accessible for all and easy to clean : patient call, lighting control, access to the gases and computer network for rooms, first aid rooms, infirmary, hospital, retirement home, etc.

International standards of Mosaic range

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