There are requirements for control and protection of motors in all sectors: heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings, pumps, compressors, conveyors and machines in industrial buildings, etc. Legrand’s new motor circuit breakers, contactors and thermal relays provide a response for all these applications. Their high performance levels, perfect complementarity, compact size, ease of mounting, wide range of auxiliaries, etc. make them suitable for installation in all distribution boards and control enclosures.


MPX³ motor protection circuit breakers up to 100 a

  • High breaking capacity and type 2 coordination for an optimum service level.
  • Trip class 10.
  • Sensitive to phase loss.
  • Can be fixed on 35 mm DIN rail or using screws.
  • Easy combination with CTX³ 3-pole contactors.
  • Complete range of control and signalling auxiliaries and accessories.

CTX³ 3-pole industrial contactors and RTX³ thermal relays up to 800 a

  • Compact.
  • High mechanical and electrical endurance for maximum reliability.
  • 3-pole and 4-pole contactors.
  • Screw terminals or cage terminals.
  • Complete range of auxiliaries and accessories.
  • Standard and residual current version thermal relays;

CTX³ 4-pole industrial contactors from 20 to 900 a

  • The 4-pole version of CTX³ contactors is available from 20 to 900 A (AC-1).
  • CTX³ de 20 à 900 A (AC-1).
  • Conform to IEC 60 947-1, IEC 60 947-4-1
  • Can be equipped with add-on auxiliary contact blocks, time delay blocks (except CTX³ 4P from 165 A to 900 A), and CTX³ interlocking.
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