• 10" LCD capacitive touch screen
  • Myhome screen 10''

  • Access to all home automation functions using a graphics interface: scenarios launched manually or at pre-programmed times, light management, roller shutter control, temperature display and management, intruder alarm activation/deactivation and creation of a security area, sound system management (musical source selection, volume adjustment, etc.) and video door entry call display.

  • 3.5" colour touch screen
  • Myhome screen 3.5''

  • Access to all My Home automation functions via icons:  launch of scenarios, light and roller shutter management, temperature display and management, alarm activation/deactivation, sound system management, consumption displays.

  • Remote management
  • TCP-IP webserver

  • Used for communicating between a BUS/SCS installation and a TCP-IP network for managing the installation remotely from a computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet.

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