For horizontal or vertical supply of rows, circuits or groups  of circuits.

VX³ 63 A and 125 A vertical distribution blocks with automatic terminals

In the 4-pole version, the vertical distribution blocks are used to supply the 3-phase or single phase head of row residual current protection devices from the head of group switch or circuit breaker.
Positioned laterally in panels, they replace modular distribution blocks, freeing up the space they usually occupy. They enable a combination of vertical supply/horizontal distribution. They are connected via automatic terminals thus enabling distribution via flexible wires with or without ferrules.
They are IP XXB.

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HX³ 125 A horizontal distribution blocks with automatic terminals

IPXXB 4-pole distribution blocks with automatic terminals. For distribution in rows using flexible wires with or without ferrules or rigid wires. Power supply via the top, bottom or feedthrough via screw terminals.
Supplied with fixing lugs for mounting on symmetrical rails.



Optimised distribution provides a complete, coherent system for carrying the electric current in the panel:

- Aluminium busbars
- Prefabricated links for connecting DPX MCCBs
- Distribution blocks adapted to the devices
- Distribution via supply busbars for modular devices


All these components, which have been tested with Legrand wiring accessories, can be used to build safe panels that comply with standard NF EN 61439, reduce installation time and optimise the size of the enclosures.


250 and 4000 A optimised vertical distribution using aluminium busbars

Tinned copper aluminium busbar held in place by isolating supports. For mounting in XL³ 400, 800 and 4000 enclosures, at the back of the enclosure or in a cable sleeve.

HX³ 125 A plug-in
row distribution block


Used for wire-free 3-phase distribution of modular devices up to 125 A. Totally safe automatic connection and disconnection of devices, even when the distribution block is powered up.

HX³ 250 and 400 A
row distribution block


Take the support bases for DPX³ and for modular devices. Totally safe mounting: prevents access to energised parts when mounting devices.


Connection kits for MCCBs
or row distribution blocks

Ready-to-use kits for connecting MCCBs and HX³ distribution blocks to vertical busbars in a flash.

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