More than ever before, the new range is highly recommended for all sites involving specific constraints related to waterproofness, impact resistance or temperature conditions, both indoors and outdoors: shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, food-processing facilities, industry, transportation, data centres, markets, etc.

  • Straight plugs and Mobile sockets

IP 44

Sockets for internal and external use, protected against projections of water (but not exposed to direct jets)
-From 16 to 32A
-2P+E / 3P+E / 3P+N+E
-From 100 to 500V~
-50/60 Hz -IK 09 – polyamide 6
-conform to IEC 60 309 -1 and 2
-screw connection


IP 66/67

Weatherproof sockets that can withstand temporary immersion (unplug in torrential rain, floods, etc.).
-From 16 to 125A
-2P+E / 3P+E / 3P+N+E
-From 100 to 500V~
-50/60 Hz
-IK 09 – polyamide 6
-conform to IEC 60 309-1 and 2
-screw connection

  • Straight plugs and Mobile socketss
  • Panel and surface mounting sockets

Quick opening/closing system

Cable grip

  • Unlocked by pressing with a screwdriver. Marking indicates the location for the locking clip.
  • Opened by turning the 2 parts in opposite directions.
  • Captive cable grip with anti-vibration system holds the cable in place permanently.

Ease of handling

2 mounting positions

  • Gripping areas on the body of the mobile products and the cable grip.
  • To solve the problem of limited space, the surface mounting sockets offer 2 different mounting positions (5° or 25°) which allow users to adapt to the space available without changing the box.

Position marking

  • Information engraved on the ring cover of iP66/67 products means the user can check quickly whether it is in the open or closed position. marking area on the shutter of the sockets and on the upper part of the plugs allows easy identification by the user.

Worksites combined units

  • Individual units

  • Mobile units with integrated handle
  • Floor cabinets

  • Fitted with 5, 6 or 7 sockets or in modular version
  • Energy distribution units

  • Fitted with domestic and iec pin configuration socket from 16 to 63 A
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