• Removable rail

    No constraints on your wiring : plenty of space inside the box

  • Optimised cable runs and cable organisation :
    Plenty of space behind the rails, between the rails and at the side, allowing cables to run easily

  • Knockout cable entries


    Multifunction sleeve : maximum versatility

  • The vertical multifunction sleeve is compatible with 2 or 3 row cabinets and can be equipped with Osmoz control units, P17 industrial sockets or blanking plates.

  • Plexo³ cabinet with multifuction sleeve

    Clever accessories that save your time

  • Knockout cable entries at the top and bottom of the cabinet, can be equipped with different sizes of direct piercing end caps (IP 65 IK 09 guaranteed with cable inserted) or ISO cable glands


  • Plexo³ cabinet 2x12 modules

    From 2 to 72 modules

  • A wide range of cabinets, 11 available sizes:

  • - 2 to 8 modules
    - 12 modules with 1 to 3 rows
    - 18 modules with 1 to 4 rows

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