• Practibox cabinets 2 x 13 modules

    Stylish and easy to use

  • Practibox flush-mounting distribution cabinets blend perfectly into living areas or the workplace with their white finish and clear windows.
    Thanks to the reversible faceplate, the door can be either right or left-opening. It can be fitted with a key lock.
    These additional features increase the added value of your projects.

  • Example of installation

    Simple selection

  • 1 catalogue number = 1 complete cabinet :

  • Flush-mounting masonry box, chassis and faceplate with reversible door

  • Available versions:
    - 1 row of 6 modules
    - 1 row of 8 modules
    - 1 row of 12 modules
    - 2 rows of 12 modules (24 modules)
    - 3 rows of 12 modules (36 modules)

  • Practibox cabinet 3 x 13 modules

    Easy wiring

  • More space available between the rails, terminal blocks installed on the flush-mounting box at the top, bottom or even between the rails.
    Cabinet faceplate fixes easily on the flush-mounting box thanks to recessed grooves.

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