A complete range

These ready-to-use cabinets are available in four sizes with 1 to 4 rows, and with a capacity of 18 modules per row. They are supplied with a white or transparent smoked finish door and with screw connection earth and neutral terminal blocks (depending on the version). Practibox³ also offers a complete range of accessories.


Design & easy to use cabinets

These new, ready-to-use flush-mounting distribution cabinets for residential and small commercial installations have an uncluttered design and a top quality finish. But over its attractive appearance, its special ergonomic design gives both users and installers maximum ease of use.

  • 54 modules Practibox³ cabinet

A stylish and thin door

Fitting close to the wall, the white or transparent smoked finish doors on Practibox³ are ultra-flat and smooth, so that the cabinets blend in perfectly with today's interiors. The door also has:

- a 180° opening;

- an integrated, discrete and flush handle which can take a key lock;

- integrated hinges to attach the door on the required side patented Legrand system (from the 2-row version upwards);

- an easy closing with magnets inside the door (from the 2-row version upwards).


Strength and easy installation

From the chassis and faceplates through to the rigid, practical flush-mounting box, everything has been designed to ensure that on-site installation is straightforward and easy, whatever material they are mounted in and whatever the configuration, in line with the applicable standards. These cabinets guarantee a fire resistance up to 850° and are conformed to the IEC 60670-24, IEC 62208 and IEC 61439-3 standards.

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