There are requirements for control and protection of motors in all sectors: heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial buildings, pumps, compressors, conveyors and machines in industrial buildings, etc. Legrand's new motor circuit breakers, contactors and thermal relays provide a response for all these applications. Their high performance levels, perfect complementarity, compact size, ease of mounting, wide range of auxiliaries, etc. make them suitable for installation in all distribution boards and control enclosures.

  • SPDs without integrated protection

SPDs without integrated protection (t1, t1+t2 and t2)

These SPDs require associated protection by means of a circuit breaker or fuse. They are designed to protect commercial and industrial installations.


Add-on spds (t2)

The protective circuit breaker is connected directly to the SPD with no wiring (see page 13). These SPDs are designed to protect commercial and industrial installations in their secondary distribution boards.

  • Add-on SPDs
  • SPDs with integrated protection

SPDs with integrated protection (t2)

Protection against overloads and short-circuits incorporated in the SPD.
This is the most straightforward choice for small commercial or residential installations.
It also provides the warranty of having the ideal match between the SPD and its associated protection, for maximum safety.


Optimum protection

  • The 1P+N and 3P+N SPDs with dedicated protection of the neutral pole discharge the common and differential mode overvoltages that may occur in installations with TT and TNS systems, when there is a lightning strike.


  • To adapt to the installation practices of different countries, the 1P+N and 3P+N SPDs are available with the neutral on the right or on the left side.

Protection against transient overvoltages

  • As well as providing protection against the effects of lightning, installing SPDs also protects sensitive equipment against transient overvoltages. 


Status indicator

  • A plug-in module status indicator indicates whether the SPD is operational (green) or out of service (orange).

Easier maintenance

  • Easier to handle: the plug-in modules are easy to replace thanks to the extraction handles.

Design and marking

  • Dedicated marking for easier identification and maintenance of the SPDs.

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