indoor Emergency Lighting units


  • U21 LED

  • Energy efficiency


  • Extra slim
    Compact size
    Low consumption

  • U34 LED

  • Environment friendly
    High performance
    Low conception



  • S8

  • BS compliant
    8 W

  • U21 NEW

  • 6 W




  • B65 LED

  • Energy efficiency

  • B66 LED

  • Environment friendly
  • High performance
  • Low conception

  • Environment friendly
    High performance
    industrial and architectural environments


  • B65 NEW

  • 6 W
  • B66

  • 8 W 
    BS compliant

Led Twinspot

  • Standard LED spotlight luminaires

  • High performance LED non-maintained
    emergency lighting luminaires

NB : All emergency lighting ranges are also available within Legrand Vision Systems.


  • Control interface for autotest/addressable

Legrand vision system

Centralises the operating state of Legrand Vision System emergency lighting luminaires.
Supervises an installation equipped with Legrand Vision System self-contained emergency lighting luminaires and control interfaces, whatever the installation size
Simultaneous monitoring of one or several establishments, made of several buildings, according to the construction configuration (tree structure by buildings, levels, floors or zones)
Emergency lighting location displayed on background plans of each zone of the building
Overview screen of the luminaires installation operating state

Functions for maintenance assistance:
- print-out of the spare parts list
- print-out of a maintenance document locating each defect luminaire and detailing the repair operations.
Automatic periodic sending of the installation state report.
Export of background plans with emergency lighting location in PDF or DXF format.
Multi-user software.

  • Mobile infrared configuration tool

  • 3.5" local touch screen controller


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