Designed to work in any type of environment including in extreme temperatures, the DRX range of thermal magnetic circuit breakers has been expanded to meet your essential needs in terms of protecting an electrical installation up to 630 A. For many years, the robust design of the DRX range has made it he ideal choice for efficiency and economy.


Simplicity, efficiency & acessibiliy

With just 3 circuit breaker sizes, the DRX range has it covered when when it comes to providing against overloads and short-circuits, for sites up to 630A.


Robust design, reliability & safety

The DRX range includes numerous accessories which make wiring and installation easier and allow remote tripping, saving time during installation and enhancing safety.


  • Robust design

    The DRX has proven mechanical endurance up to 25,000 operations

  • Safety

    No live parts are accessible once installed under a faceplate

  • Rotary handle

    The rotary handle, is availble in direct or external version.


Ease installation and wiring

With the DRX range, you can guarantee long-term protection for your customers'installations. Its rugged construction ensures continuity of operation even in excessive temperatures.


Ease of installation and flexibility

  • MCCB easily positioned and removed from DIN rail with the adaptor (only on DRX 125 and 250).

  • An exclusive system to change from the 50 mm standard to 45 mm DIN standard.


A variety of wiring system options

  • 24 mm distance between base and terminal, for mounting on busbars.

  • Cable spreaders , cage terminals, rear terminals, terminal shields, etc; our wiring accessories cover all your requirements.


Remote tripping for safety

  • Both the DRX 125 and 250 have a hinge so the front can open and close.

  • The control and signalling auxiliaries simply clip on.

Risk-free intervention

  • The padlock can be used to lock the handle in « Open » position during maintenance operations and thus avoid any risk of accidents due to mishandling.

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