Viking 3
terminal blocks

  • Screw connection or automatic spring connection.

    End stop: automatic fitting, no tool required.

    The terminal blocks are used for the electrical connection between two flexible or rigid conductors. There is a choice of two types of connection: screw connection or automatic spring connection. The same accessories for both types. Two busbar comb areas for alternating equipotential connection up to 8 pitch. Available in various versions: for through connection, for protective conductor, PNE (Phase Neutral Earth), disconnect, functional, for sensors and actuators, disconnect for measurement.

    The same accessories for all versions: end stops, prong tools, joining bars, blown fuse indicators, end caps, separation and insulation dividers, equipotential bridging bars and combs, shielding accessories, etc. Take CAB 3 and Logicab 2 labels/label-holders. 

Viking 3 power
terminal blocks

  • For all connection types: Cable/Cable, Terminal for cable lug/Terminal for cable lug, Terminal for cable lug/Cable, Cable/Terminal for cable lug.

    Adapting to your wiring practices

    The new Viking 3 power terminal blocks can be used for all types of connection: aluminium or copper cable, flexible or rigid bar, connection
    with or without lugs. They are designed to adapt to your wiring practices, whether you are a panel builder or an installer.

    The range offers 4 types of connection:
    - Cable/Cable
    - Terminal for cable lug/Terminal for cable lug
    - Terminal for cable lug/Cable
    - Cable/Terminal for cable lug


  • Viking 3 terminal blocks can take Cab 3 and Logicab2 labels. They therefore allow clear identification of cables and provide a perfect finish.

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