• XL³ 125 removable rail

Optimised wiring

The XL³ 125 cabinet makes on-site installation easy thanks to the following innovations:

- Tool-free removable rail and pivoting chassis
- Plug-in neutral and earth terminal blocks
- Removable cable entry plate

  • Removable faceplate

  • Easy access

    The faceplate can be removed one row at a time, or the whole cover can be taken off, depending on the extent of the work to be carried out inside the cabinet: wiring or maintenance.

  • XL³ equiped with DPX MCCBs

  • Total adaptability

    XL³ 125 cabinets are designed to be suitable for themany differentapplications on your sites in the residential and small business sectors. They can take a wide range of equipment, such as:
    - DPX 125 MCCBs
    - Signis control units
    - Mosaic sockets

  • XL³ cabinet 3x18 modules

  • From 18 to 72 modules

    - Surface-mounting distribution cabinets,
    - From 1 to 4 rows, capacity 18 modules per row
    - Fully reversible cabinet (base, door and faceplates)
    - To be equipped with white or transparent door

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