• Fully modular 3-row flush-mounting cabinet

    Fully modular
    flush-mounting cabinets

  • Supplied complete with
    - Metal flush-mounting box
    - Removable chassis with rails fitted
    - Terminal blocks for protective conductors, finishing frame and insulated faceplates

  • Fully modular 6-row cabinet

    Fully modular metal
    surface mounting cabinets

  • - Supplied complete with rails, faceplates and adjustable cable entry plate
    - Removable separable side, top and bottom panels for inserting cable entry plates. Take DPX 125, Lexic and Vistop up to 125 A, and DPX 160 devices in cabinets with dedicated space.

  • Fully modular 4-row cabinet

    Fully modular insulated
    surface mounting cabinets (class II)

  • - Removable side panels or frame
    - Guide ring for vertical wiring
    Versions supplied complete with rails, faceplate and adjustable cable entry plate.


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