Beautiful Finishes – Simple, Authentic, Superior

From the extended range of Neutral finishes to the new Reflective Metal collection: Arteor offers a range of carefully crafted masterpieces to give any space an elegant yet discrete look, adding to the design without distracting attention.


Timeless Harmony
New Neutral Finishes

This neutral and minimalist collection leaves plenty of room for contemporary design concepts. An extended colour range with new plate and mechanism colours gives designers even greater freedom.

Timeless  Harmony New Neutral Finishes

A Wider Choice of Metals

A new collection made of metal finishes provides a suitably brilliant solution for more demanding projects. Elegantly discreet despite their mirror finish, these switches blend seamlessly into their environment.
Available in gold and other colours, they give a definite nod to the technology involved.



Today, almost every electronic device that we use and love requires regular charging. That’s why Arteor now offers various charging options for residential and commercial settings to keep mobile devices up and running. The new 13A BS socket outlets with USB chargers support USB Type‑A and Type‑C connectivity, which means they are ready for the new generation of mobile devices. An easy way to futureproof projects today, for tomorrow.


The Right Mood
Arteor Lighting Solutions

Light creates atmosphere, emphasizes room features and helps overcome emergencies. Arteor solutions provide bright prospects for developers and decorators who want to make a very deliberate use of lighting in their projects.

The Right Mood Arteor Lighting Solutions
The Right Mood Arteor Lighting Solutions
The Right Mood Arteor Lighting Solutions

Global Solutions:
Arteor truly international

Arteor helps overcome the barriers in the form of regional standards and enables planners and developers operating at a global level to implement their projects all over the world. This is achieved by setting the same high standards, regardless of location, in terms of functionality, design, simplicity of installation, configuration and use.

Arteor, Socket outlets: truly international

Arteor with Netatmo:
A touch of Genius

Designed to make to make any house more individual, convenient and secure, Arteor with Netatmo adds a touch of smartness to your home. This modular, WiFi enabled collection of connected switches and socket outlets lets you shape your projects very easily to fit your individual requirements.

Put the Magic of IoT in your projects

These smart connected switches and socket outlets allow you to control your installation not only locally but also by smartphone or via voice commands. Think of Arteor with Netatmo as the first step to creating a connected home. Modular and adaptable, this smart solution allows you to start small and upgrade and extend over time.

Magic of IoT
Magic of IoT

Make your home truly yours

Customise functions according to just what you need: from central control of lights and roller blinds, to getting alerts about your home, tracking energy consumption and also creating scenarios to make life that much easier. Arteor with Netatmo adds a touch of smartness to your home.

Magic Pictos

Full Home Control

Arteor MyHome_Up, the BUS-technology based home automation system, lets you create a fully connected home which meets the highest standards: from fully customised scenarios through to music streaming, door entry function, temperature management and more.

Central home control – and more

The new HOMETOUCH is not just a touchscreen that gives users central control of their home. The touch display also serves as a connected video door entry unit. The dedicated Door Entry App shows live images of what is happening at the front door and provides an opportunity to react accordingly from a distance. The user can decide, at any time and wherever they may be, who they want to let in and who they prefer to keep out.

Five stars Solutions
UX for Upscale Hotels

Designed specifically for premium level establishments, UX for Upscale Hotels provides top quality solutions with its brand-new touchplates and enhanced functionalities. Operating on an open protocol, the guest room management system can seamlessly integrate with third party building management systems, thus raising hospitality to new heights across the world, in conjunction with Arteor or other Legrand wiring device ranges.