Seamless design

Understated, discreet products and finishes that blend in seamlessly with any working environment.
The flush socket looks more attractive and is easy to clean.
Incara™ Disq 60 adapts to any environment offering a power socket or USB charging port. An attractive, discreet solution that is quick to install.

Incara™ Disq 60

An iconic look for unique environments

Incara™ Electr'On features a unique, iconic design that will instantly make your space stand apart.
Simply lay Electr'On flat or clip it to the side of a table or desk. 
It provides all the essential functions at your fingertips, without requiring any installation. 

Incara™ Electr'On

Functional and beautiful solutions for meeting rooms that stand apart

Designed with bigger meeting rooms in mind, Incara™ Flip-up brings a wide range of functions in a beautifully-crafted solution that is made from high-grade materials.
Sockets fit discreetly under its cover, even with your devices plugged in.

 Incara™ Flip-up solutions

Compact, practical solutions

Perfect for easy power and data distribution for occasional use in confined spaces, Incara™ Tower 60 seamlessly integrates into any environment. 

Incara™ Tower 60

Incara™ is available in pCon software

If you have a project to fit out an office or incorporate electrical accessories into office furniture and you are a professional working in the office furniture sector, you can access the Legrand catalogue and configure all the Incara™ products easily yourself.

Incara™ in pCon software