Seamlessly integration into any type of furniture

Through the Incara™ range, Legrand offers solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into all types of furniture so end-users can plug-in easily and get on with their daily lives. 

Incara™ on furniture

Wireless charging

Users can charge their smartphone anywhere with elegant wireless charging solutions that will blend perfectly with any furniture.
With the Legrand Incara™ Disq 80 QI wireless power charger, there is no need to carry bulky plugs around.

Incara™ Disq 80 QI wireless power charger

Recharge anywhere, at any time

The iconic Incara™ Disq 60 offers a power socket or dual USB - A+C charger in an attractive, colourful or discreet version that is quick and easy to install anywhere, either vertically or horizontally.

Recharge anywhere, at any time

Incara™ is available in pCon software

If you have a project to fit out an office or incorporate electrical accessories into office furniture and you are a professional working in the office furniture sector, you can access the Legrand catalogue and configure all the Incara™ products easily yourself.

Incara™ in pCon software