Essential functions for mobile users

To meet the needs of mobile users, the Incara™ Disq 80 combines all the essential functions in a single place.
It is designed to blend in seamlessly with any office furniture. The flush socket looks more attractive and is easy to clean.

Incara™ Disq 80

Simple and practical design

Pop-ups provide real ease of use and quick connection for mobile devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, audio and video systems, etc.
Users have a choice of both power and data connections within easy reach.

Incara™ Pop-ups

Premium materials, excellent strength

Incara™ Disq'In multioutlets combine elegance, convenience and speed of installation.
They enhance your workspace or your meeting room.
Users are provided with the essential functions to power their mobile devices. The innovative quick-fixing system saves a great deal of installation time

Incara™ Disq'In multioutlets

Ready-to-use on-desk solutions

With its multiple finishes and accessories, Incara™ Electr'On is the perfect solution for the individual desk.
It can simply lay horizontally or be clipped at an angle using the fixing bracket, for easier access to sockets.

Incara™ Electr'On

Incara™ is available in pCon software

If you have a project to fit out an office or incorporate electrical accessories into office furniture and you are a professional working in the office furniture sector, you can access the Legrand catalogue and configure all the Incara™ products easily yourself.

Incara™ in pCon software