Mosaic™: a new design and major innovations for all your projects

Mosaic has been revamped to offer even greater modularity and versatility. A wall-mounted and off-wall system which is more modular, more connected, even more robust and quick to install.

A new design and major innovations

Mosaic™: a redesigned line

Mosaic, the iconic & contemporary range, has been redesigned to respond to current building trends. However, Mosaic retains the features that have ensured its longevity and success: its format, its compatibility & its brilliant white colour.

A redesigned line

Mosaic™: an unrivaled functional richness

Mosaic, with more than 250 functions, offers a wide variety of solutions: lighting, comfort and safety, multistandard connection, network , including the connected offer Mosaic with Netatmo.
The scalable & modular range meets all needs in terms of connectivity, dimensions, cabling capacity and finishes.

An unrivaled functional richness

Contemporary colours

The brilliant white, the understated and traditional aluminium or the elegant and contemporary matt black: 3 finishes, 3 icons.
For demanding environments, the antimicrobial white meets hygiene requirements & aesthetics.
Discreet, high-tech or convenient, Mosaic finishes are simply the perfect fit

Contemporary colours

New Mosaic™: Easy-Led two-way-switch: The adaptable switch

Easy-Led two-way-switch is a 3-in-1 adaptable switch, which becomes a locator or an indicator with the dedicated light. A single mechanism for 3 different functions according to the user’s needs. Easy to assemble, the light plugs onto the front of the mechanism.

Watch video: Mosaic™ Easy-LED


Flush socket the Legrand standard for optimum safety

Mosaic Flush is now the Legrand standard on all 2P+E sockets. An attractive design which enhances the installer's work and offers reassurance to users with Legrand's unrivalled patented safety feature.

watch video: Mosaic™ flush socket

Flush socket

Mosaic™ flush socket: a perfect integration

For a flawless workstation, all coloured sockets and prewired sockets are now Flush type (columns, mini columns, floor boxes, trunking & wall-mounted). As dust cannot accumulate, sockets are even more hygienic with antimicrobial Mosaic.

watch video: boîtes de sol Mosaic™


Mosaic™ link sockets: time-saving innovation

Speed of installation is guaranteed as all you have to do is connect the wires from the side with a single move. Handy for fitting sockets in columns, floor boxes and trunking. The Mosaic Link connection accessory is used for tap-offs. Prepare your sites : make up your sockets to suit your needs.

watch video: Mosaic™ Link system