An evolution that transforms daily life

Drawing on decades of know-how, Legrand’s Valena range is at once timeless and transformative.

With Valena, Legrand has designed new electromechanical and electronic solutions for increasingly state-of-the-art systems: thanks to the Valena range of products and finishes, you are sure to meet the requirements of all your customers.

Valena - An evolution that transforms daily life

One mechanism…

The Valena Life/Allure range is equipped with the In’Matic mechanism, resulting from many years of studies, to meet market demands. Real-life installation tests were carried out to make installation and maintenance easier, to optimise the electrical performance and to improve installation comfort.

Thanks to the protected contacts, no finger contact can be made with live parts during installation. The big release buttons ensure more comfort for your fingers. The metal support frame covered by a plastic layer protects you against shock and injuries, while the shutters ensure child protection.

As for maintenance, test points can be accessed without removing the device from the box!

Valena Life/Allure - Mechanism

… two different designs

All Valena IN’MATIC mechanisms can be equipped with two offers of cover plates and plates.

Timelessly classic, Valena Life offers simple and subtle finishes that will blend in, seamlessly, in any environment: Pearl, White, Ivory, etc. In need of a more boldly expressive style? The Valena Life collection also proposes creative prints and vibrant colours to add another dimension to every ambience: Link, Terracotta, Royal White, Lime, etc.

Valena Allure is the ideal choice for innovative personalities. It offers clearly sophisticated, uniquely audacious and naturally refined finishes that will enable you to step out of the ordinary. Discover how chic daring design can transform your home into an arena of new experiences: Narcis Chrome, Flora, Wires, Palace marble, etc.

Valena Life/Allure - Different designs

The perfect solution wherever

The wide range of functions meets any expectation, and fits with elegance and simplicity in any room in the residential and commercial sectors.

More than 150 functions are available in the 2 designs: switches, dimmers, motion sensors, roller shutter controls, key switches, thermostats, TV sockets, audio/video sockets, data and telephone sockets, socket outlets, Type-A and Type-C USB charging sockets, technical alarms, sound diffusion and loudspeakers, etc.

Valena Life/Allure - The perfect solution wherever

Simple and quick installation

The design of each component allows you to rely on a quick and smooth assembly, reliable over time:
1- Fix the device into the box.
2- Clip the screwless cover plate into the mechanism (screwdriver not needed).
3- Complete the work by snapping on the plate: the screwless cover plate guides you during the process.

Valena’s innovative docking system guarantees the stability and solidity of the device during assembly.

Valena Life/Allure - Simple and quick installation
Valena Life/Allure - Simple and quick installation
Valena Life/Allure - Simple and quick installation