Premium materials, excellent strength

Legrand offers premium solutions for meeting rooms, such as the Incara™ Flip-up with its elegant and crisp appearance.
Sockets fit discreetly under its cover, even with your devices plugged in.

Incara™ Flip-up

Simple, practical

Incara™ Tower 120 is perfect for use in meeting tables, especially  round tables.
It has an automatic push-to-open mechanism and provides access to every side, a power socket and a USB A+C charger.
The Incara™ Tower 120 is also available ina version with a wireless charger equipped with an illuminated ring. 

Incara™ Tower 120

Mobile and modular products

The Incara™ range comprise also standalone solutions such as Link'On, a ready-to-use multi-outlet extension, which can supply up to 6 users with power directly on the meeting table. They can even be joined together to provide even more users with power. 

Link On

More than 200 Mosaic™ functions

Incara™ Multilink is a totally modular solution leaning on standard Mosaic™ functions for distributing power and data, flush-mounted in the furniture or vertically in the dry partitions.

Incara™ Multilink

Incara™ is available in pCon software

If you have a project to fit out an office or incorporate electrical accessories into office furniture and you are a professional working in the office furniture sector, you can access the Legrand catalogue and configure all the Incara™ products easily yourself.

Incara™ in pCon software