Many technological solutions, a unique design project

With its design cover plates and the richness of its technological offer, Livinglight allows you to create systems in any environment.

From residential to hotel structures, from shopping centres to large buildings, Livinglight guarantees ideal solutions for each specific need, imbuing them with its unique and original style.

Livinglight - Many technological solutions

Advanced functionality

With Livinglight, every modern system finds its ideal solutions: traditional devices and innovative axial solutions for reliable lighting control, dimmers for efficient management of all types of load, electronic products for energy saving, removable torch for comfort and safety, radio controls for easier refurbishment, wireless power and USB chargers for fast charging and maximum flexibility, etc.

Livinglight - Advanced functionalities

2 designs, various finishes

Timeless and classic, the Livinglight square plates match with the most contemporary interiors. They are available in plastic, solid wood and die-cast metal finishes.

Design and technology come together in the perfect shape of Air, a true Livinglight innovation. With thickness of less than 5 mm and a refined exclusive selection of finishes and materials, Livinglight Air is the ultimate in Livinglight design and aesthetic innovation.

All cover plates can be mixed with the Livinglight mechanisms, which are available in white, tech and anthracite finishes.

Livinglight - 2 designs, various finishes

Customisable light points

Light points with rocker controls can be customised thanks to clear key covers and a clear cover plate. The clear cover plate and key covers have a removable base plate that can be customised with wallpaper to make it less intrusive, or with a decorative image or photograph!

Livinglight - Customizable light points

Liens utiles