An ideal solution, everywhere

Thanks to its comprehensive offer of basic and innovative solutions with a contemporary design, Màtix allows you to create modern electrical systems suitable for all types of installation, from the residential sector to the service sector.

Màtix -

A comprehensive range of functions

Alongside the numerous classic functions answering your basic needs, Màtix offers you plenty of innovative solutions to make your everyday life easier: axial controls for reliable lighting control, universal dimmers for all types of load, energy saving and green switches, removable torch for maximum comfort and safety, USB chargers for a quick charging of all mobile device, TV sockets with optimum performances, etc.

Màtix - A comprehensive range of functions

5 collections for a very personal style

The Màtix cover plates are divided into 5 ranges, all perfectly in keeping with contemporary style trends.

Match the shades of your largest walls with the neutral colours of the White series.

Opt for a more sophisticated style with the Metallics collection.

Bring a shiny or satin touch to your home thanks to the Galvanics plates.

Be more daring with the Textures original finishes and interesting material effect.

Light up any room with the strong and sunny shades of the Colours ranges.

Màtix - 5 collections for a very personal style

Antibacterial solutions

The Màtix range is made up of devices and plates with antibacterial features.

The antibacterial effect of these specific solutions results from the formulation of materials based on silver ions (Ag +). This technology guarantees the non-proliferation of bacteria, viruses and fungi, without creating any immunity or resistance effect.

The effectiveness of Màtix antimicrobial products has been verified in specialised laboratories. It is advisable to clean the appliances as normal in order to guarantee their perfect hygiene.

Màtix - Antibacterial solutions

Anti-removal plates

Màtix offers special plates that prevent any
ill-intentioned person from removing the product from its location.

These plates are supplied complete with an appropriate support, to which they are fixed by 4 TORX-type screws.

This anti-removal system is ideal for any installation in unsupervised environments where members of the public are present.

Màtix - Anti-removal plates

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